Surge Protection

With an increase in electronic use, homes are in need of surge protection now more than ever.

More electronics mean a home’s power network is under greater strain, making it more vulnerable to surges. Many people think of lightning when they think of power surges because a lightning strike is the most devastating, but did you know that hundreds of low voltage surges are happening everyday? With low voltage surges you won’t see any hugre effects right away, like melting components, but constant surges cause unseen wear and tear on your electronics. Degradation of the components inside of your electronics causes them to break sooner and need to be replaced. So your smart fridge that was supposed to last ten years, now only lasts six years. Replacement of these expensive items adds up over time, costing you a lot of money. Real protection from surges comes from professionally installed whole-house surge protectors that divert surges away from your circuit board and into the ground. Our experienced electricians wire a whole-house surge protective device into your electrical service box. These surge protectors are built to take the brunt of large surges and will protect your home and electronics for years to come.