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Ready to upgrade your old energy-sucking lights in favor of something new? Veneman electricians help you change out and install new fixtures anywhere in your home or business. Newer lights offer more capabilities so you have more choices when it comes to everything from wattage to color temperature. They are also more energy efficient meaning you will save money, and experience better lighting quality. A long bulb life means that you’ll be spending less on maintenance and more on things you care about. If you want to replace your fixtures and bulbs for the most up to date lighting options or are satisfied with your lighting system in general but just want to upgrade the system, consider retrofitting. Give us a call for a free estimate.
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Why Choose Veneman Electric for Your Recessed Lighting Installation?

One of the number one calls we get is from consumers who thought they could take on this project on their own. Save yourself hours of watching YouTube videos and let the experts handle it from the beginning. We’ll make sure that the lights are installed properly and in appropriate locations so they add beautiful ambience to your room and are not just evenly spaced across your ceiling. Our expert electricians give unique attention to each job to make sure that it is done right.

Veneman Electric Accent


Scot was GREAT. He was on time and his team did a wonderful job installing new outlets in my unfinished basement. Also Scot was able to fix my electric fireplace switch that was installed wrong by original home builder. Highly recommend!

Excellent service. Quick and clean installation. I highly recommend Veneman Electric.
Jenny Cane

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