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Ready to upgrade your old energy-sucking lights in favor of something new? Veneman electricians help you change out and install new fixtures anywhere in your home or business. Newer lights offer more capabilities so you have more choices when it comes to everything from wattage to color temperature. They are also more energy efficient meaning you will save money, and experience better lighting quality. A long bulb life means that you’ll be spending less on maintenance and more on things you care about. If you want to replace your fixtures and bulbs for the most up to date lighting options or are satisfied with your lighting system in general but just want to upgrade the system, consider retrofitting. Give us a call for a free estimate.
LED Retrofits Installations
Veneman Electric Accent


LED Trim Kits Installation

Why Choose Veneman Electric for Your Retrofits & LED Trim Kits Installation?

Trim kits are great because they allow you to buy multiple lighting fixtures in one kit. Housings and trims are included, meaning you have everything you need to do the install. The problem comes when attempting installation. These systems can get tricky if you are not a professional. Luckily, Veneman can get your LED trim kits installed in no time so you can enjoy your better quality lighting and start saving money.


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