Recessed lighting

When renovating a space or installing new lights, recessed lighting is probably on your list of upgrades. These compact lights provide visual interest and focused lighting with very little visual intrusion.
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Why Install Recessed Lighting?

Take your room design to the next level by providing visual interest without overwhelming the eye with multiple, bulky fixtures. These popular and compact lights make sure that every nook of your home is provided with ample light. Installing recessed lighting can be a bear when it comes to wiring and installing multiple fixtures instead of just one.

Recessed Lighting Over Bar
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Recessed Lighting Bathroom

Why Choose Veneman Electric for Your Recessed Lighting Installation?

One of the number one calls we get is from consumers who thought they could take on this project on their own. Save yourself hours of watching YouTube videos and let the experts handle it from the beginning. We’ll make sure that the lights are installed properly and in appropriate locations so they add beautiful ambience to your room and are not just evenly spaced across your ceiling. Our expert electricians give unique attention to each job to make sure that it is done right.

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