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Need to Install a Backup Generator? Our licensed electricians take care of the wiring, meeting building codes and making sure that the correct generator is installed to power the lights and appliances you have in your house.
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Why Install a Backup Generator?

With an increase in severe weather, black outs have become a very real issue that an average American family now faces. It’s not just lights that you need when the power is out. Losing power to your fridge, heating, cooling, sump pump, and water can cost you major money. Loss of refrigerated food, burst pipes due to loss of heat, flooded basements and mold due to loss of power to sump pump can end up costing you thousands.

Installing a backup generator means not only continuing to live in relative comfort during a power outage, but saving yourself thousands of dollars in damages. A portable generator may be a cheaper option for your home but there are drawbacks. The unit must be turned on by hand so if you are not at home at the time of the power outage you’re out of luck. That means every hour that you are gone is leading to spoiled food, possible flooding and other damage to your home.

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Standby Backup Generators vs. Portable Generators

A portable generator must also be refueled with gasoline. If it runs out you’re stuck going to refuel, which may be impossible during inclement weather. That means that your family and home are stuck without power and heat during a storm.

A standby generator gets a constant supply of natural gas, so no need to worry about your generator running out of fuel. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your family and home will be protected in the event of a blackout. Contact us for a free estimate. We properly calculate your wattage to ensure everything works properly when your generator is started. Veneman ensures proper positioning and installation to avoid carbon monoxide issues and we make sure that the wiring connects to only designated circuits so that your generator is not overloaded. Have peace of mind knowing that the correct generator was installed with safety in mind. When a power outage strikes, you’ll be ready.


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